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Citi FM launches 2016 Write-Away Contest

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Finalists of the Citi Write-Away Contest to be announced

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Professor Lunumba Lecture At Alisa Hotel

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Play and Listen the 10th edition of the citi fm write away contest has been launched the write away contest seeks to help improve children s affinity for writing and by extension reading through engaging #WriteAway launched Mp3.

The 10th edition of the Citi FM Write-Away Contest has been launched.


The Write-Away Contest seeks to help improve children’s affinity for writing and by extension reading, through engaging, thought provoking contest topics. On Monday March 12 Celia Cuffy-Brown defended her actions on a local radio talk show saying if she should make the similar decision, she would make it “10 more times without looking back”.

Radio stations give away great prizes on a regular basis.

Citi FM Write-Away Contest 2015 Launched

Want to win some of them? write down the date, time, station name, and telephone number in a calendar (or use an online calendar, 13 Creative Ways to Get Votes for Your Contest Entries. 12 Lucky Charms to Attract Good Luck in Your Life. Our Best Money Tips, Delivered. Email Address. Write Away Contest.

CitiFm 15th October Read More. Ghana Music Week rescheduled for March CitiFm 15th October Read More. Part Two of Episode One of 'Our Cities' CitiFm 15th October Read More.

Some Journalists assaulted at Hajj Village. CITI FM’s ‘Expressions of Accra’ launches today.

Citi fm write away contest ghana music
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