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Bonds that are not general obligations of the bank shall be special obligations of the bank payable solely from any revenues or funds of the bank pledged for that purpose and subject only to any agreements with the holders of particular notes and bonds pledging any particular revenues or funds.

No further conditions required. Banks have adequate policies re country and transfer risk. Formal contingency funding plan CFP in case of emergency.

Operational risk measurement system must include the use of internal data, relevant external data, scenario analysis and factors reflecting the business environment and internal control systems. Assessment of bank ownership structure and governance.

Bonds or notes of the bank may be issued under this chapter without obtaining the consent of any department, division, commission, board, bureau or agency of the State, and without any other proceeding or the happening of any other conditions or things than those proceedings, conditions or things which are specifically required by this chapter.

Bonds as general obligation bonds; additional security. Associated credit exposure 2. Banks have an adequate credit risk management process. An appropriate level of systemic protection or public safety net 6.

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There must be regular reporting of operational risk exposures and loss experience to business unit management, senior management, and to the board of directors. If the bond issuer defaults, the investor exchanges the bond for its face value and this can be invested at the risk-free rate for the remainder of the five years.

Banks have adequate policies re concentration risk. Hence, this method was abandoned. A well developed public infrastructure 4. Radio waves generally experience the following three propagation mechanisms: Unless provided otherwise in any contract between the bank and the noteholders, and unless the notes have been otherwise paid, funded or refunded, the proceeds of any bonds of the bank issued, among other things, to fund such outstanding notes, shall be held, used and applied by the bank to the payment and retirement of the principal of these notes and the interest due and payable on the notes.

Focus on effective risk-based supervision, and the need for early intervention and timely supervisory actions. Supervisor has operational independence, transparent processes, sound governance and adequate resources, and is accountable.

Preconditions for Effective Banking Supervision 1. Payoff in a CDS does not include accrued interest on the bond that is delivered negative direction 5. Cannot unwind asset position at a fair price fire sale prices.

Measurement and Management of Liquidity Risk 5. Banks maintain adequate and reliable records, prepare financial statements in accordance with accounting policies etc. Banks regularly publish information on a consolidated and solo basis.

Effective market discipline Clear responsibilities and objectives for each authority involved. So this system also had to go. Four elements specified by the Basel Committee 1.

Maine Revised Statutes

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BANK Final Exam Notes TOPIC 4A: Credit Risk – Estimating Default Probabilities Overview * Theory of credit risk less developed than VaR based models of market risk.

* Much less amenable to precise measurement than market risk – default probabilities are much more difficult to measure than dispersion of market movements.

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Bank6003 notes
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Title A, § Bonds and notes of the bank